Note: the Attribytes app is currently only available for iOS users.

After logging in, you'll see a list of your current item catalog. Scroll through, scan a barcode, filter, or search for any item.

Click a product listing to see the item detail view

From here, you can add the product to your send list, add to your favorites, or suggest edits to the product.

Below the options of this page, you can find additional product information about that given product.

Suggesting edits to a product

If you find errors on a product or believe some changes might be necessary to the data, click suggest edits to this product.

You'll be prompted with a modal to recommend product information changes. You can send these suggestions to multiple contacts by using commas between different email addresses.

Managing Favorites

Your list of favorites within the favorites view is also connected to favorites lists you create within View My Product.

Use Favorites Lists to help categorize and group products that you need to reference often.

Favorites can be added from the item list view or product detail view. Once items are added to various lists, you can sort and manage lists quickly and easily.

Sending Products and Product Data

One great feature of the Attribytes mobile app is the ability to send sell sheets, item lists, or item assets easily.

To do this, add items to your Send List by clicking the paper airplane icon next to the item on the item list or item detail view.

You can also add items to the Send List from your Favorites as well.

Once the desired items are added to your Send List, navigate to the Send view.

Select what information type(s) you'd like to send. Simply add your recipients and a note and hit send!

Note: if you select "sample", a copy of this email will be sent to a member of your team set in the Attribytes platform to handle sample requests.

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