When your organization requests a document from a trading partner, each request will be listed under that trading partner's profile.

 You can always see and manage your document requests at any time by navigating to Menu > Doc Management.

Selecting a trading partner

Start by choosing the trading partner you'd like to see documents and requests from in the top right.

See the status of requests 

In the right column, quickly see the status of each document request.

View a requested document 

Under the "document type" column, click the hyperlink to see the uploaded document you've requested from your trading partner.

Organization and Location level document requests 

Your organization might require documents from each of your trading partner's locations.

When requests are made at the location level, document requests and their status will appear below the selected location.

Click "See Requests" to see all current and outstanding requests pertaining to that location.

 Note: If their organization doesn't have multiple locations, all document requests will appear under the organization-wide requests panel.

Upload a requested document (for admin users)

To request documents, navigate to Menu > Doc Management > Admin.
From here, you can make document requests, set organization types for trading partner groupings, and set expiration dates for requested documents.


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