To request a new item or manage your current request, navigate to View My Products > Product Requests from the main menu. 

Searching for a request 

Sometimes, a team member or other division will have a pending request identical to yours. We recommend you first use the search function above the list of requested items to see if your item is already in the queue.

Requesting a new item 

To start an item request, click the Request Product button. A modal will appear with one or more options depending on your organization.

If your organization has enabled searching of the current catalog, we also suggest performing a search for your requested item to confirm that it isn't currently available.

Complete all fields denoted with an asterisk. If you'd like to complete the request later, click "submit" at the bottom of the modal window and the item request can be edited again at a later time.

Note: Item request forms are customized to your organization so form fields and options will appear differently.

Editing or completing an item request

After submitting or starting an item request, the information can be access by clicking the blue info button at the beginning of the list row.

 Reviewing item requests

After your request is created, the status column will indicate if the item is still pending approval by another person in the organization.

If an item request has been approved, a form will be sent to the supplier/vendor to complete the required information your organization has requested.

At that time, the item request will move to the Pending Requests tab (if your organization has enabled this step).

Viewing completed requests 

After the supplier/vendor has completed the required information, requests will move to the Completed Item Requests tab.

Within the list of completed items, a sell sheet can be downloaded or the item can be viewed in View My Product.

Repeat the process for any other requests.

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