All fields except product-specific attributes can be populated via GDSN.

Note: All trading partners consume data differently, and in some case, ignore fields entirely. What you publish vs. what you see may be different.

Increase product visibility

Attribytes has additional, proprietary fields outside the GDSN (sometimes refered to as 'Attribytes') to help you vastly increase your product visibility. 

  1. Expand your product from the list at the bottom of the View My Product page by clicking the blue "+" 

  2. Dropdowns based on the product category will display

  3. Select the appropriate dropdown for that particular product

Bulk editing 'Attribytes' 

Instead of editing each product one at time, you can bulk-edit Attribytes on the Product List view.

After expanding a product row, click "edit all attributes".

You'll see a complete list of your products, with all fields available for editing.

  1. Click the "Attribytes" tab at the top of the table 

2. Select the category and sub-category
3. Set the correct Attribytes for those specific categories

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