While most trading partners allow you to update your product information directly within View My Product, our recommended method is to update your data through your GS1 certified data pool.

Once the trading partner consumes your new data, that information will be sent to Attribytes and the changes will appear in View My Product. Be aware that changes can typically take up to a week to appear in View My Product because recipients do not always consume data publications daily.

If you aren't currently participating with a GS1 certified data pool, take a look at our Easy Data Pool!

2. Make changes within View My Product

Attribytes allows you to update your product information for any participating trading partner directly in the application. 

  1. Navigate to "View My Products" within the navigation menu

  2. Select which trading partner you'd like to edit

  3. Either edit high-level information within the product view, or navigate to the List View (below) to mass edit all details of your entire product catalog.

NOTE: Some trading partners, such as Subway, Reinhart, or Shamrock, require that data only be published through the GDSN and do not allow editing within View My Product.

3. Work directly with your trading partner

In cases where your trading partner doesn't allow editing directly within View My Product, we recommend you reach out to their data team to fix any outstanding discrepancies you might find. As always, we are assist you in working with your trading partners that are participating with Attribytes.

Increase your product visibility

Get your products found by filling out product-specific attributes.

To help increase and enhance product searches for distributors and trading partners, we've created unique product-specific attributes (sometimes called 'Attribytes'). These are exclusive to Attribytes and not available within the GDSN.

Follow this link to learn how to add and edit Attribytes in your View My Product account. 

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