Trading partners consume data differently

Not all trading partners update their product information daily. Some do, however, many update weekly or bi-weekly. Because of this, your changes will not be instantly visible within View My Product.

The advantage of View My Product is to know what information is currently  in your trading partner's catalog. 

Scorecards are updated weekly

Because of these differences, we update scorecards weekly. It can usually take about a week to see any changes made by republishing/distributor changes to reflect on the View my Product platform.

Your GTIN's are inaccurate in your trading partner's system

Since GDSN data matches on GTIN, your item data won't appear properly if your distributor/trading partner has the wrong GTIN for your product.

To sort through inaccurate GTIN's, follow our GTIN cleanup guide.

You've received an error on your end (CIC Message)

Check with your GS1 data pool provider to see if a review CIC message is preventing synchronization.

If so, correct the error and republish the item(s).

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