It's not uncommon for your trading partner to have old and/or inaccurate product information about your products.

In particular, inaccurate GTIN's are a common issue among distributor and retailer data.

With Attribytes scorecards, you now have an easy to way to find out what's incorrect within their systems.

1. Download a list of your items 

From the downloaded list of items, look for:

  • Inaccurate GTIN's

  • Old/discontinued items

  • Missing GTIN's

2. Edit and update the item list

Scan through your list of files and mark item rows as follows below:

  1. Yellow = Needs to be marked proprietary/exclusive (specify which in a new column

  2. Red = Inactive/discontinued/to remove/not yours

Add a column labeled "supplier notes" and add any additional comments necessary.

3. Send your edited item list back to Attribytes 

Currently, these item lists are manually processed and sent back to your trading partner.

Once you've completed steps one and two, email your item list to [email protected]

That's it! Repeat the process for all your available trading partners to assure they have the most accurate item list for your organization.

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