While some trading partners will have more stringent image requirements than others, we recommend following these best practices to ensure you meet the vast majority of requirements from those you share your data with.

Required Images

  • Raw Shots

  • Inner Pack (if available)

  • Open Shots (open case)

  • Styled Image (beauty/recipe shot)

Standard and Processing

  • Crop close to the image

  • Keep white space to a minimum

  • Make sure the background is always white Minimum DPI (resolution): 150

  • Minimum Width or Height: 1200 pixels Image Settings: RGB, 8 bit

  • Image type: uncompressed JPG, PNG, GIF

Anatomy of an image file name

File nature & type

A = Still shot product single GTIN
C = Still shot product single GTIN (High Resolution)
Z = Undetermined

As with planogram images a front determination is required with all subsequent faces relative to the front face.

0 = Not applicable
1 = Front
2 = Left
3 = Top
7 = Back
8 = Right
9 = Bottom


Angle reference relative to the face being represented

C = Centre
L = Left
R = Right
N = No Plunge

In/out of packaging

1 = In packaging

O = Out of packaging: (i.e., the product as It first arrives out of packaging” not how It appears after It has been processed or prepared)

A = Case: A shot of the product In Its case as It would appear to the operator upon delivery.

B = Innerpack: A shot of the product as it would appear inside its packaging inside the case.

C = Raw/uncooked: A shot of a product that has not been cooked or processed or that needs to be cooked or further prepared before it i8 considered edible.

D = Prepared: A shot of a product that has been taken from a raw or uncooked state to a cooked state according to the appropriate method of preparation (e.g., baked, fried, grilled or boiled).

For more info, visit the GS1 Product Image Spec Guide

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