View My Product is a powerful way for you to see how your products and data appear within your trading partner's point-of-sale system. It isn't intended to replace your data pool, but to simply complement it.

Once your trading partners consume your data, visibility into how your product data appears in their system is lost. That's where View My Product comes in!

Since each trading partner consumes data differently, your information with one trading partner might appear differently than the other - even if you sync'd your data through the GDSN. 

You can use View My Product to achieve best-in-class product data by making sure you're meeting every trading partner's requirements and requests.

Can I access View My Product even though I'm not part of a GS1 Data Pool? 

Yes, absolutely! Since View My Product is mostly meant to display data inside your distributor/trading partner's system, we have no requirements that you participate with a GS1 certified data pool.

How often does Attribytes/View My Product get updated?

Most distributors/trading partner's catalogs will update weekly in Attribytes.

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