Logging In

You can log in by going to attribytes.com and entering your credentials right on the home page.

Guided Tour

Once you’re logged in you will be asked to take a guided tour. Feel free to click through the pages or click ‘I’ve seen enough’ to jump right in.

View My Product

‘View My Product’ is where you will be able to see how your product data is represented within your trading partner's sales systems.

See a list of all active products that are within the distributor’s system.

Products are listed in descending order by Attribytes score from lowest to highest by default. 

Quickly expand an item to see which Attribytes are missing by clicking the ‘+/-‘ icons.

Click the ‘eye’ to change which product is being viewed. Click the ‘list’ icon to change to the List View

Other Views and Navigation Tips

To access the List View among other products within Attribytes, click the "hamburger" menu button in the upper left corner of the header.

List View 

The List View shows all attributes that the distributor has stored regarding your products.

Note: While most attributes published via the GDSN are being captured by the distributor, not all attributes that you published are being stored by the distributor which means they will not be visible within Attribytes.

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